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We work with global clients across and beyond the IT industry, helping them articulate the products, services and benefits they offer to their customers. We tell their stories with punch and panache.

CA Technologies blog

CA Technologies blog

Technology leaders sometimes struggle to find the time to put pen to paper. With just a brief telephone interview, we help leaders voice their thoughts so they can share their expertise with their followers on social media.

engagement services

Computacenter marketing brochure

The world of technology is constantly changing. To put its products and services into context and help readers understand their benefits in the real world, Computacenter partners with Inkpod to write clear, concise brochures for existing and prospective customers.

SoftwareOne brochure work

SoftwareOne thought leadership collateral

When software licensing expert SoftwareONE wanted to showcase its forward-thinking cloud capabilities, it needed a partner to combine its expertise with a memorable theme – cloud cloning and Dolly the Sheep. One interview later, Inkpod created playful copy that’s both fun to read and informative.

Computacenter customer video

Nothing captures attention like a video – and when Computacenter needs to broadcast its most exciting customer stories, it turns to Inkpod for end-to-end expertise from the interview to the cutting room.

Arcserve customer story

Arcserve customer story

Data management specialist Arcserve has customers across a range of industries and throughout Europe. We tell their success stories in four languages to inform and inspire prospective customers.

CA infographic mockup

CA Technologies infographic

We extracted the sharpest stats and facts from success stories with CA Technologies customers to create eye-catching infographics. This highly visual format gives time-pressed readers a rapid overview of a project and its outcomes, and packs a punch on social media and the client’s website.

Rego case study

Rego case study

To demonstrate the breadth of its credentials, Rego needed to tell its customers’ stories. By teaming up with Inkpod, it has a library of successes to rely on, all tailored for a US audience.

Eversheds Sutherland

Computacenter case study

Customer references play an import role in securing new business, and to ensure its customer stories are compelling, accurate and relevant, Computacenter partners with Inkpod to spread the word.

Astriid newsletter

As a fledgling charity in its first year, showcasing success and drumming up support are essential for Astriid’s growth. We provide a range of marketing services, including writing and designing case studies and producing the charity’s newsletter. We also trade favourite bakes with the Astriid team.